Running Water for a Family Home

OSI-Sri Lanka

May 2011

Thanks to the caring and generosity of Peter Suozzo from the USA, we have been able to provide running water to Madu's Home.  We constructed Madu's home and provided electricity in 2009, but public water was not then available.  Madu and her mother daily carried basins of water from a nearby well.  Besides the labour and inconvenience, such a limited supply of water also made good hygiene and health a major challenge.  Recently however, the municipal "Water Board" has run a water line on the road near Madu's home.  Peter Suozzo volunteered the cost of the fees required by the Water Board for a connection and meter, as well as the cost of the piping, storage tank, and plumbing for a complete water system for Madu's home.
Municipal water supply in rural Sri Lanka is rudimentary at best.  Water is only provided for an hour or so early each morning.  So a home must have a water storage tank, elevated, to provide a full-time gravity flow water supply.  With the meter installed, the project required 50m (150 ft.) of pipe laid 12" underground from the meter to the home.  We mounted a 500 litre tank atop the cement water closet, which we originally designed to support it.  The incoming water line fills the tank each morning.  From the tank, plumbing provides an internal and external tap on the water closet, as well as a shower, with an additional line run 5m to the kitchen in the home.


Water meter near the road

Trenching near the water tank

Basic plumbing and fixtures
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