Madu's Home

OSI-Sri Lanka

February 2009

Meet "Madu".  At 12-years-old, she is one of the most promising children in our Wattegama, Sri Lanka program.  A brilliant, intelligent, and ever smiling personality hides a family background of dire need.  Madu resides at Wattegama children's home because her family home is too dire, too small, and too unhealthy.  Madu visits her home on occasion, with much excitement, and always leaves her home with many tears.
Madu's is a small family, all with hearts as equally giving as her own, though living in dire need themselves.  Father suffers from a chronic, degenerative illness that keeps him in bed much of the time.  Mother and older sister travel far on a daily basis to work menial factory jobs, six days/week, earning barely enough to provide staple sustenance for themselves and father (their combined earnings are about US $90/month).  The family lives in two tiny one-room shacks, -one built of mud and the other of scraps of wood, with dirt floors that seep water and turn to mud during the long monsoon season.  Scraps of plastic line the inside walls to keep out wind-blown rain.  A small bed in each shack occupies most of the space.  There is no electricity and water must be carried by jugs from the nearest stream, even in the worst of weather.  Sadly, the extent of their need is sadly equaled by so many families in Sri Lanka.  Yet there is never a lament from this family, and their optimism is the source of our inspiration to improve their living conditions, and ultimately to allow Madu to leave the orphanage and return to her mother and her family home.

Madu's Original Home

Below are photos of Madu's original home, family, and living conditions.

Madu and family, in front of their home

Madu and ailing father

Madu, Mother, and home

The Project

Without present resources for such a project, our plan was to build the simplest of homes for the family, with a goal to address their human needs for health, hygiene, and basic comfort.  With more desire than resources, we turned to our sponsors, donors, and friends, and via many small donations raised US $2700.  So this amount became our budget.  We employed a magnanimous builder, -a wonderful man who did excellent work for us at Wattegama home (interior restoration).  We designed a very simple, two-room home, -a "common" room and a separate bedroom, with an additional covered open-air kitchen area just out the back door.  The completed home has a raised concrete floor, plastered masonry walls, and composite roofing.  There is a window in each room, and front and back doors off of the main room.  The home was wired for electricity, with light fixtures and plug-points/outlets installed in each room.  We also covered the fee and coordinated for the power company to run an electrical line to the home.  Finally, behind the house we constructed a masonry toilet facility and septic tank.  Below are photos of the construction of the home.

Digging the foundation

Building the stone foundation

Building the cement block walls

Rafters, roof, window & door frames

Interior & exterior plastered, cement floor poured

Interior painted, electrical installed

Exterior painted, windows/doors installed

Water closet and septic


Below are photos of Madu's completed house.

Final product


Old and new...

Mother and home


Many thanks to the following individuals for making Madu's new house a reality.  Your compassion has truly made a difference for the present and future of Madu and her deserving family!  THANK YOU!
Nazia Qidwai
Madlen Krushev
Hrant Keoshgerian
Karen Barto
Sarah Starr
Rusi Captain
Joanne Bowles
Janine Bartram
Nina Shopalovich
Jackie & Keith Cooper
Naomi Appleton
Ashley Visocky and Family
Charles & Sheryl Wiley
Laurie Saari
Jennifer Hee
Allen Tibodeau
Adele Fraser
Connie Carlberg
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