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Our initial efforts in Sri Lanka focused on 100 girls at Wattegama and Pamunugama children's homes.  Besides significantly augmenting the daily welfare of these girls, OSI accomplished substantial renovations and improvements at both homes to improve the health, hygiene, and environment of the homes for years to come.  Separately, our effort also assisted children living in impoverished families in Nayabedde village in the rural highlands of Sri Lanka.  Today, as these core groups of children have grown our effort has evolved to a focus on higher education and independent/transitional living assistance.

OSI-Sri Lanka's Mission

Education - In both the orphanages and in Nayabedde village, we initially found that the brightness of the children was not reflected in their academic performance, due to the poor level of education in their village schools, as well as inadequate material, guidance, and other support from the homes.  At every location, our intense efforts to address these needs resulted in a greatly increased percentage of children passing their "Ordinary Level" (11th grade) exams and proceeding to "Advanced Level" studies. 
Today, as our children have grown to be young adults, our focus is on higher-education opportunities, vocational studies, and respectible career opportunities.  At present we see our younger girls studying to be laywers and accountants, while others are working as teaching assistants, beauticians, nurses, and assistant managers; we are immensely proud of them all! :-)
Family Unification - For a number of children who were in the orphanages due only to the poverty of their loving families, OSI worked to provide the adequate support and facilities necessary at the child's family home so that the family could resume care of the child.  This assistance has ranged from providing monthly groceries, to establishing water and electricity connections for the family homes, -even to building a simple home for one family.
Transitional/Independent Living - For older children from the orphanages who qualified for A/L studies, OSI has provided for their transition out of the orphanage and into private boarding, A/L school enrollment, and tutoring.  For non-A/L prospects, OSI provides boarding and vocational training, and respectable job prospects that will allow them some control over their destinies.  For all of our young people in our transitional program, OSI is providing comprehensive care, nutrition, medical/health care, counseling, budgeting, and independent living guidance all along the way.


Below are special events and excursions that OSI has provided for our Sri Lanka children
OSI-Sri Lanka
13 September 2015
Excursion to Ambuluwawa mountain park..
OSI-Sri Lanka
2 September 2015
Day-trip walking tour of Colombo...
OSI-Sri Lanka
31 March - 2 April 2014
Three-day trip to Trincomalee and the beach...
Sri Bhakta Hanuman
OSI-Sri Lanka
16 October 2013
A visit to Sri Bhakta Hanuman...
Nuwara Eliya
OSI-Sri Lanka
9 October 2012
Excursion to Nuwara Eliya (Glenloch Tea Factory, Victoria Park, Hanuman Temple)...
Kirinda Beach and Tissa
OSI-Sri Lanka
1 September 2011
Excursion to the seaside, and a visit to historic Tissamaharamaya...
Year-End Celebration
OSI-Sri Lanka
27 December 2010
Second-annual, by popular demand!...
Nuwara Eliya
OSI-Sri Lanka
17 August 2010
Excursion to Nuwara Eliya (Seetha Amman Temple, Victoria Park, Lake Gregory)...
Year-End Celebration
OSI-Sri Lanka
29 December 2009
Year-end holiday celebration, feast, gifts, and more at picturesque Bandarawela Hotel...
Hakgala Botanical Gardens
OSI-Sri Lanka
28 August 2009
Excursion to beautiful Hakgala Botanical Gardens...
Year-End Holidays
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
28-31 December 2008
Holiday celebrations and events for our Pamunugama children...
Hantana Peak
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
30 August 2008
Hike to Hantana Peak, lunch at a resort, and a tour of Peradeniya University...
Year-End Holidays
OSI-Sri Lanka
25-31 December 2007
Year-end holiday celebrations and events for our Pamunugama and Wattegama children...
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
28 October 2007
Excursion to historic Sigiriya...
Summer Camp
OSI-Sri Lanka
8-22 August 2007
Exchange of our Pamunugama and Wattegama kids, and excursions during their school holiday...
School Break Celebration
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
3 August 2007
A visit to the beach and evening dinner party at McDonald's...
Dehiwala Zoo & ExcelWorld
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
29 July 2007
A trip to Colombo to visit the zoo and ExcelWorld amusement park...
Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
20 April 2007
Trip to Pinnewala during the kids' school break...
Shopping Spree & Dinner
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
30 March 2007
Sinhala/Tamil New Year's traditional shopping for our own clothes, and dinner party at McDonald's...
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
22 December 2006
Christmas activities, dinner, gifts, and celebration for our Pamunugama children...
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
21 December 2006
Excursion to ExcelWorld Amusement Park and holiday dinner party in Colombo...
Mt. Lavinia Beach & ExcelWorld
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
3 December 2006
Trip to Mt. Lavinia Beach and ExcelWorld amusement park in Colombo...
Peradeniya Botanical Gardens
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
18 April 2006
Our first trip, -to nearby Peradeniya and it's famous botanical gardens...


Below are special projects that OSI has accomplished for our Sri Lanka children
Sunset Villa
OSI-Sri Lanka
Our own temporary youth home...
Fire Rehabilitation
OSI-Sri Lanka (Nayabedde)
September 2011
Rehabilitation of the fire-damaged home of two of our sponsored children...
Running Water
OSI-Sri Lanka
May 2011
Metered connection and all materials to equip a family home with running water...
Home Construction
OSI-Sri Lanka
February 2009
Construction of a new home for a deserving family...
Our Garden
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
August 2008
Benches and landscaping of our garden playground...
Interior Restoration
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
January-July 2008
Major restoration of the interior of the 140-year-old Wattegama orphanage...
Academic Residence
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
April 2008
Residence/Study room for our eldest children, preparing for their final exams...
IRISAsia Eye/Vision Care
OSI-Sri Lanka
January 2008
Complimentary eye exams and follow-up care for every child in our homes, from IRIS Asia...
Exterior Restoration
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
December 2007
Restoration of orphanage exterior...
Water Supply Line
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
August 2007
Establishment of a permanent water supply to Wattegama orphanage...
New Home Furnishings
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
April 2007
Complete refurnishing of children's dormitory rooms...
New Bathrooms and Showers
OSI-Sri Lanka (Wattegama)
January-April 2007
Construction of shower facility and reconstruction of water closets...
Interior Remodel
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
March-April 2007
Repair and remodel of orphanage interior...
Bathroom Reconstructions
OSI-Sri Lanka (Pamunugama)
May 2006
Complete reconstruction, plumbing, and tiling of five bathroom facilities at Pamunugama orphanage...


Program Site Sponsor

Alok Pandya
Alok is a young, successful entrepeneur in the USA who at a very early stage in his career felt a desire to use his business success to impact the lives of some of the world's disadvantaged children.  "It's the lives you impact and make better that really matters in this world." -Alok  OSI and our children are extremely fortunate and grateful that Alok has chosen to make this difference with us.

OSI Program Liaison

Nick M. Hindman
Resident in Sri Lanka, OSI President/Founder Nick M. Hindman also serves as voluntary liaison for our Sri Lanka program


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