Nuwara Eliya

OSI-Sri Lanka

17 August 2010


Nuwara Eliya is only about 45 km from Nayabedde.  But the horrific road means that it was about a 2 1/2 hour trip each way.  Pan/Zoom the below map for a closer detail of Nuwara Eliya, including Victoria Park and Lake Gregory.

Journey to Seetha Amman

We departed from Nayabedde by hired bus at 7:30am, and enjoyed breakfast pastries and fruit juice on the way.   Ten kilometers before Nuwara Eliya is Seetha Amman, a Hindu temple famous in our national folklore.  The legend is that Seetha was held captive here by the demon king Rawana, but was eventually rescued by Rama.  As such, the temple sight is most ancient.  The temple itself is a colourful work of art, and situated above a beautiful brook at the base of a forested mountainside.

Victoria Park

After Seetha Amman, it was another 15 minute bus-ride into Nuwara Eliya town, where we visited beautiful Victoria Park, a recently refurbished British colonial-era gardens spread out over many acres...

Lake Gregory

From Victoria Park, it was a five-minute bus ride to Lake Gregory on the edge of town.  At "Governor's Chalet" restuarant, we warmed up inside with juice and tea, and then headed back outside to enjoy the large garden stretching down to the water's edge.  But the top of everyone's day was the boat ride around the lake!  It was a first for most all of us!  Afterwards, we all enjoyed a buffet lunch and ice-cream at The Governor's Chalets restaurant on the lake shore.


Thanks to each of our sponsors for providing our lunch, breakfast, and activities, and a special thank you to Kate Malony for providing for our bus and the rest of the necessities for our trip!  Our childhoods have sparse good memories, but today you have provided a very special one for us!  Thank you!
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