Sewing Room

OSI-Russia (Novokuznetsk)

July 2006

Novokuznetsk Children's Home #1 is a very old building, recently converted from a schoolhouse into a children's home.  In our continued effort to address the home's lack of common facilities and activities for the kids, through the generosity of donors in 2005 we were able to build and stock a Library in the home, as well as a Recreation Room.  This year, thanks again to Peter Reinhardt and Ernst & Young Moscow, we have established a modern sewing room, complete with three new sewing machines and an abundance of materials and supplies.  The girls of the home will receive instruction in a viable trade for their future, and also enjoy creating crafts and recreational items, and the activity will be another important indoor diversion for them during the long winter months.
Project Cost:  US $1778
Donors:  Ernst & Young - Moscow


Three new sewing machines

Machines and supplies

A lesson

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