Recreation/Computer Room

OSI-Russia (Novokuznetsk)

August 2005

Abashevo Children's Shelter is located in tiny Abashevo village, outside of Novokuznetsk.  There is little to do in the village and the climate itself limits the kids to indoor activities for much of the year.  Yet the home was poorly equipped with facilities and means for the kids to entertain themselves, and lacked a comfortable place for the kids to commune, study, and play.  Thanks to the efforts of Peter Reinhardt and a grant from Ernst & Young's Moscow office, we were able to completely remodel one of the larger rooms to serve as a common recreation room, with a very modern and warm appearance.  In addition, a complete multi-media computer system was provided for the kids' recreation and education, as well as a music and karaoke entertainment system, and for the many little kids in the home, a dry pool, inflatable play-houses, and other miscellaneous toys were provided.
Project Cost:  US $3089 Donors:  Ernst & Young - Moscow


Their new room

Dry pool

Multi-media computer system

And lots of toys!
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