Recreation/Computer Room

OSI-Russia (Novokuznetsk)

August 2005

Novokuznetsk Children's Home #1 is a very old building, recently converted from a schoolhouse into a children's home.  Besides being in poor repair, the home suffered from a lack of common facilities for the kids to utilize and enjoy, the result of which was that during the long winter months the kids were limited to their dormitory sleeping-rooms for study and recreation.   In addition to our Library project, thanks to the efforts of Peter Reinhardt and a grant from Ernst & Young's Moscow office, we were able to completely reconstruct one of the larger rooms to serve as a common recreation room, with a very modern and warm appearance.  In addition, a complete multi-media computer system was provided for the kids' recreation and education, as well as a large TV set, DVD player and DVD's, karaoke machine, and other miscellaneous toys.
Project Cost:  US $5340
Donors:  Ernst & Young - Moscow


Under construction

Construction complete

New furniture

Arrival of the electronics

New television

New computer
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