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OSI-Russia (Novokuznetsk)

February 2005

Novokuznetsk Children's Home #1 is a very old building, recently converted from a schoolhouse into a children's home.  Besides being in poor repair, the home suffered from a lack of common facilities for the kids to utilize and enjoy, the result of which was that during the long winter months the kids were limited to their dormitory sleeping-rooms for study and for entertaining themselves.  In addition to our Recreation/Computer Room project, thanks to the generosity of donors we were able to remodel another of the common rooms to serve as library, -a place for the kids to study and place where they can constructively utilize their free time.  After reconstruction, the library was furnished, a television and VCR were purchased, and most importantly a substantial stock of brand new books and educational videos was provided to serve the kids for many years to come.
Project Cost:  US $3700
Donors:  Aimee Poche, with additional contributions by Edward DeSear and Denise Hove


After the remodel

New furniture

Arrival of the books

Some of the Library's Book and Video Stock

National Geographic and Other Educational Videos

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