Seema Farms

OSI-India (Pune)

6 January 2019

Seema Farms lies along the shores of the reservoir behind Bhatgar Dam, about two hours from Pune.

Our Day

We departed our Janata Vasahat neighbourhood at 8:00 in the morning.  The usual singing and dancing occupied the bus-ride to the farm.  City traffic, a mountainous highway, a country road; passing farms, villages, and tiny roadside temples.  We're not sure if it was the winding road or Akshata's singing that made some of us ill in the end.  We quickly recovered on arrival and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast, free to go back for 2nds and sometimes 3rds.  (It is noteworthy watching how much these girls will eat when they have the opportunity.)  We had a walking tour of the sprawling, hilly farm, then rested and did art work and group activities in the airy huts.  After an enourmous lunch at the farmhouse we spent the rest of the day on the playground.  An evening snack, a group photo with the eager and kind farm staff, and the bus-ride back to Pune, during which the elder girls slept, while the younger danced and sang.  Below is a video slideshow to share our day with you!



Our trip was provided in whole by University Lutheran Church of Hope, Minneapolis, USA.  It's not the first grand memory they have provided for our girls, and we are grateful again for today's opportunity.  Thanks as well to long-time OSI-Pune supporter Lynette Lamb for coordinating the funding as well as accompanying our girls on their trip along with her outstanding daughter Grace Gerloff, who was a particular inspiration for our girls.
And as always, thanks to Shradha, Himanee, and Leena for coordinating all and enduring the day!
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