OSI-India (Pune)

4 February 2018

Shantivan is an expansive children's leisure park, with lots of activities and room to play, under a shady forest canopy, right on the shore of Khadakwasla Reservoir not far from Pune.

Our Day

We departed our Janata Vasahat neighbourhood at 8:00 in the morning.  Unlike previous trips, this time our journey was only an hour, but it was enough time for us to get our fill of singing and dancing.  From the bus we also enjoyed a fantastic view of the Khadakwasla dam and lake before reaching Shantivan.  On arrival, we were served with a fantastic breakfast, -all we could eat!  After breakfast we enjoyed a cool morning walk through the manicured grounds and to the lakeside, crossing the challenging "Burma bridge" on the way.  By the time we walked back up the hill from the lake, we were hot! -perfect time for... our favourite activity... the Raindance!  After frolicking in the 'rain' until the lake went dry, we changed into dry clothes and relaxed a bit at the lakeside before heading to the cafeteria for a late lunch; -again, all we could eat, and that included gulab jamun!  After lunch, we enjoyed a couple hours of free time in the park, kicking the soccer ball, playing on the playground... until alas the day was gone.  Below is a video slideshow to share our wonderful day with you!



Our trip was provided primarily by the kindness and generosity of Laurie and Duane Saari, yet again!  with help from Michele Bell (Manasi's sponsor, which made her very proud!), and Kathleen Malony, who is always there to help us out.  Thanks Laurie and Duane, Michele, and Kate!  We hope their colourful smiles give you some idea of what you have provided for these very deserving girls!
And thanks to Shradha, Himanee, Priyanka, and Gadrebai for coordinating all and enduring the day!
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