Morachi Chincholi

OSI-India (Pune)

22 January 2017

Of our many trips over the years, one of our favourites was to a Morachi Chincholi Farm in 2012 (you might recognize our elder girls, who were the younger girls on that trip!)  And as we always find the rural countryside a welcome escape for our inner-city girls, we have returned once again.  This time we visited a different farm, -not quite as authentic as the first, but with more entertaining activities for the kids. 

Our Day

Sixty-six girls left our Janata Vasahat neighbourhood on two busses at 7:30 in the morning.  We sang and danced for the two-hour ride to Morachi Chincholi, as the landscape changed from city, to suburb, to countryside.  On arrival at the farm, we first enjoyed a small breakfast, followed by a hilarious puppet show.  But the first real highlight of the day was the ox cart ride!  We then escaped the sun and watched a magic show before heading to the second highlight, the water park with the ubiquitous rain dance, pool, and slides!  Playing ourselves to exhaustion, we changed clothes and enjoyed a fantastic lunch, followed by free time in the shady playground and a walk in the beautiful landscaped gardens.  We ended the day by watching the peacocks appear on the surrounding hillsides in early-evening.  Below is a video slideshow and photo chronology to share our day with you!




Our trip was provided by a grant from University Lutheran Church of Hope, Minneapolis, USA, and by our dear friends Gavin Challand (London, UK) and Lynette Lamb (Minneapolis, USA).  Gavin and Lynette sponsor Nidhi and Rohini, which made both girls especially proud!  Each child's OSI sponsor also contributed.  So thanks to all of you for another great escape and fantastic memory for these very deserving girls!
And thanks as always to Mukta, Madhavi, Priyanka, and Gadrebai for coordinating (and enduring) it all!
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