Drama Theater and Katraj Snake Park

OSI-India (Pune)

3 & 24 December 2011

Drama Theater - "Kyon Kyon Ladki"

Saturday, 3 December
Our first trip was to a drama theater in Pune, where many of us had our first experience watching a play.  The play, "Kyon Kyon Ladki" ("Why Why Girl?"), was an inspiring story about a young girl, Moyna, who learns the importance of education, and the importance of asking "Why?".  Moyna's inquisitive journey begins in her poor tribal home where education is a challenge, and her story is one that our girls were able to relate to very closely, and they were very inspired by this.
"The play was wonderful and also showed us the importance of education in our lives."
"I learned the importance of asking 'Why' to our elders."
"...but I especially enjoyed Moyna's dance!"

Katraj Snake Park

Saturday, 24 December
As if our girls were sleeping too well, for our second excursion we decided to take them to Katraj Snake Park, near Pune.  Actually, it was only originally a snake park, but today is a full-scale zoo, in a beautiful park-like setting.  The girls enjoyed the exhibits and demonstrations, followed by a full lunch in the park grounds.  We ended with a small celebration for them, complete with Christmas hats, balloons, cake, and special traditional sweets.

Entering the Park - Sonu and Fatima leading the way

Enjoying a Demonstration

Areefa and Sonu in a first-aid demonstration

Lunch in the Park - Nasreen, Arti V., Laxmi K., Alisha, Priyanka M., Shivanjali, Shabana, Areefa, Pooja D.

Party Hats

Happy! - Megha, Fatima, Anju, Alisha, Sonu, Supriya, Pooja P., Saylee
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