Niwara Elders Home

OSI-India (Pune)

30 January 2011

At Niwara Elders Home

Arriving at the home at about 9:30am, the girls were greeted by Mr. Sadashiv Manse, a gracious volunteer at the home for the past 8 years.  Mr. Manse informed the girls about the routine of the home, and gave them some insight into the hearts of the elderly residents.  The children then had a very leisurely tour of the home, with plenty of time and opportunity to interact with the elderly residents.

Introduction by Mr. Manse (Ruksar, Kajal, Areefa, Arti V.)

Interacting With the Residents (Sonu, Pooja M.)

Maharashtrian Lunch

As a reward for their social service, after their visit the girls enjoyed a traditional Maharashtrian Thali lunch at a nearby restaurant.  They enjoyed an abundance of Maharashtrian specialties like masala rice, dahiwada (pakoda with curd), jalebi, and onion pakodas.  While these are traditional local foods, our girls' situations mean that they rarely if ever get to experience them.  So lunch was a delicious cultural and educational experience!

Being Served (Satyawa, Kajal, Ruksar, Sufia)

What to eat first? (Sonu, Megha, Pooja M.)


Nicholas, many thanks for providing this experience for our girls.  Visiting Niwara Elders Home was a new experience for them.  It touched their hearts much deeper than we even expected.  We heard some rather touching comments from the girls that we took note of.  And Renuka, one of our oldest girls, stated that she would like to visit the home as a volunteer every week!
"Every trip we are taken to some new places to visit.  But this trip was very special.  I will never forget this visit and grandparents that I got to interact with."
"I remember my own grandparents.  We all must respect our grandparents."
-Arti V.
"It was a nice experience to talk with these grandparents, and to show some care for them."
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