27 August 1996 - 23 July 2020
Our hearts are heavy as we bid farewell to our Ali.
On 23 July at the age of 23, our dear Ali took leave of us after a long illness.  We are extremely grateful to have witnessed the remarkable blossoming of this strong young man, and grateful as well that we could provide him with the comforts of his home and the love of family during his final days.
Ali entered our Kazanlak home in 2015, at the age of 18, after a childhood of neglect in state institutions.  The impact of his past was deeply evident in Ali.  And yet, with care and love, we witnessed a truly remarkable transformation in this young man, and the love that he so generously reciprocated in the home has left an indelible mark on the home staff and children.  And just when he has done so, he leaves us too soon, and in tears.  We are comforted knowing we gave him the best possible care and love, and we are strengthened by witnessing Ali's own incredible strength during these years.
Ali, you will always remain in this home, as long as hearts are living here...
Photos - A few more photos of Ali...