Greece - Camp Alexandra

OSI-Bulgaria (Dupnitza)

24-29 August 2004

Our Camp

Camp Alexandra provided a variety of supervised activities for the kids each day, including pony rides, kayaking, hikes, and plenty of time to swim in the sea and in the camp's own wonderful pool.  In addition, the camp provided a day-trip to Thasos Island; -by bus to Kavala, and then by 30-minute ferryboat to the island. There were three full, nutritious, delicious meals a day with snacks in-between, and each day ended with a fun "disco" for everyone. Lodging was provided in modern, roomy bungalows.


Our excursion to Camp Alexandra in Greece was made possible in part by each of the children's individual sponsors, but in most part by the fund-raising efforts of Nicholas Tummillo and Daniel Antonellis in the US, with funds from the following generous donors:
Child Sponsors:
Doug King (Sasho and Kotsi)
Laurie Saari (Kamelia)
Mary Curtis (Gergana)
Susan Clark (Vesko)
Audrey Kerns (Maya)
Juree Hindman/Christina Fortner (Zdravka)
Sean Leach (Jasmina)
Jim Schieferstein
Kathryn Sweeney
Kathleen Malony
Richard Whitehill
Norman Patterson
Christine Mireau
JoAnne Goodfellow
Lorraine Rose
Ronald Tummillo
Diann Timian
Lisa McDonald
Shawn O'Leary
Arlene McQuillar
JoAnne Voorhees-Searles
Thanks to all of you for creating an unforgettable time for these deserving children!
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