OSI-Bulgaria (Slatino)

22 July 2004

Our Day

It was a long day, as we left Slatino at 8:30 in the morning, traveled 2 hours by bus to Sofia, and then another 20 minutes by taxi to SofiaLand.  The return was the same, only we stopped in Dupnitza where the kids were all fed dinner and more ice-cream.  We finally arrived in Slatino at 10 pm, 13 1/2 hours after we had left!  It was also a HOT day, so the log-ride was the most-frequented and functioned quite well in keeping everyone cool.  The kids behaved perfectly and had a GREAT time!  It is certainly a day that they will remember for a long time.


Our excursion to SofiaLand was made possible by funding from each of the children's individual sponsors:
Nicholas Tummillo
Sarah Wheeler
Wendy Zwickl
Dora Solyom
Pat Tate
Jonathan Geiser
Jeff Larson
Nadia Fortini
Karen Frank
Thanks to all of you for creating an unforgettable time for these deserving children!
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